The Association for the Advancement of Science and Engineering Education (AASEE) is a registered charity in Canada. AASEE is dedicated to advancing science and engineering education at the K-12 level. We work directly with students in the classroom. AASEE designs curriculum-based and fun hands-on activities through collaborative research, where we try to ensure a maximum engagement of teachers and parents along with the students. We provide training and resources to pre-university educators. We also create opportunities for the students to learn directly from experts and leaders in the respective fields.

AASEE gives priority to diverse populations, namely Canada’s first nations peoples, girls, and those in financial need, as well as rural populations. We are mandated to work across the globe, and are implementing an ambitious plan.

The need for AASEE is clear. Enrollment in science and engineering at the higher education level is declining worldwide, and Canada is no exception. AASEE is working to find and address the root cause and to motivate pre-university students toward science and engineering. Girls are underrepresented in science and engineering at the higher education level. In most of the universities and colleges in Canada this number is less than 20 percent. There is much unnoticed talent in the rural areas of developing countries, and with proper opportunities these individuals could contribute to advancing science and technology for humanity. At AASEE we target tomorrow´s leaders in science and engineering who will be working with a true passion. We believe advancing science and engineering education is the right way to go, and the right thing to do.


A world where children have passion for science and engineering and an equal opportunity to learn in these fields, for the advancement of humanity


Advancing science and engineering education among K-12 students through motivational activities and resource development

Core Values and Beliefs

  • Recognizing that education is a fundamental right for every child regardless of social, economic and physiological conditions
  • Creating equitable opportunities for learning science and engineering for all children
  • Developing capacity for all concerned stakeholders
  • Working with local and international partners and government bodies who share AASEE’s vision

Fund Development Policy

  • Upholds AASEE’s vision and mission in receiving and utilizing funds
  • Meticulously complies with and adheres to relevant laws and legislation
  • Ensures appropriate recognition of donors and volunteer contributions
  • Committed to meeting the codes of ethics and principles of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Imagine Canada, and Donor Bill of Rights

Financial Reports

Financial Report 2013

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