Main objectives

  1. Motivating K-12 students toward science and engineering (including focus on math)
  2. Promoting science and engineering among students by engaging teachers and parents (community) – an integrated approach
  3. Providing financial support in various forms to enhance AASEE’s mission
  4. Doing research in science and engineering education along AASEE’s mission

Target groups

  1. K-12, i.e., pre-university level students
  2. Science and math educators at K-12 level
  3. Community (parents)

Priority groups

Priority will be given to diverse populations, such as
  1. First nations peoples in Canada
  2. Girls (promoting women in science and engineering)
  3. Recent immigrants
  4. Schools in small towns and rural areas
  5. People in financial need

 Scope of operations

  1. Science and engineering education in general with a priority in energy, environment, safety, health, IT, etc.
  2. Operating in Alberta and across Canada
  3. K-12 (pre-university) level
  4. Students, teachers, and community

Sampler of Student Programs

  1. Hands-on activities
  2. Motivational talks by experts from academia and industry
  3. Innovative group projects
  4. Group research
  5. Tours to universities, research labs, museums, industry, etc.
  6. Science fairs
  7. Summer schools

Sampler of Science Teacher Programs

  1. Workshops and training
  2. Hands-on activities for teachers
  3. Providing resources


Evaluating the success of all activities and programs over a shorter or longer period


Recognizing outstanding performance by students and teachers in multiple ways, including medals, awards, prizes, scholarships, etc.


AASEE is a volunteer organization helping children learn to love science and engineering. Every dollar we raise goes towards bringing innovative lessons to young Albertans.


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