Board of Directors

Jessica Cohen, PhD (Chair)

Jessica Cohen is the Scholars Academy Coordinator at the University of Calgary and responsible for the First Year Scholars Program. In these roles, she works with high achieving students as they transition from high school to post-secondary, and advises students who are considering graduate and professional school, or major awards and scholarships. She is also Co-Director at SHAD, University of Calgary.

Jessica completed her Master’s and Doctorate degree at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), specializing in educational policy borrowing, and studies in comparative and international education. She also holds Bachelor degrees in arts and education from Queen’s University (Canada) and subsequently taught in Nunavut, France and The Gambia

Anis Haque, PhD, PEng

With three decades of university teaching in science and engineering, Anis Haque, a dedicated educator, established AASEE in 2009 to nurture a love for science and engineering among pre-university students. Impacting over 15,000 pre-university students across diverse schools, his internationally acclaimed outreach model reaches from the Northwest Territories to the far South of Alberta. As a professor (teaching) in Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary, Anis is also a Director on the Board of Minerva Canada, championing health and safety education for business and engineering students nationwide. His research focuses on nanotechnology, renewable energy, and engineering education. Anis earned his PhD from JAIST in Japan and master’s degrees from Cambridge University, England, and Rajshahi University, Bangladesh.

Palash Bagchi, MBA, MSS

Palash Bagchi, a co-founder and longstanding board member of AASEE since its inception, demonstrates an unwavering commitment to advancing education, and a profound passion for science and engineering education. His rich experience spanning more than three decades positions him as a visionary leader.

He has authored numerous articles in international journals and conferences. Palash holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool and a Master’s in Economics from the University of Rajshahi.

Additionally, his extensive career spans over eighteen years in senior leadership and consultancy positions globally, encompassing diverse and intricate contexts within international charities and UN agencies across four continents.

Denny Huynh, BEng

Denny Huynh is an electrical engineer working at a company specializing in magnetic levitation systems for over 5 years. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and specializing in Energy and Environment from the University of Calgary. Denny Huynh has previously volunteered with AASEE prior to becoming a member of the board.

Dennis Rovere, B.Sc. Arch. cum laude, B.Arch. cum laude, MA

Dennis Rovere is an architect (B.Sc. Arch. cum laude; B.Arch. cum laude), historic preservationist, and a court qualified expert witness with over 30 years of international experience. He also holds an inter-disciplinary Master’s degree in Creativity and Design and has strong technical skills from both his educational and professional practice. A well-received guest lecturer at several institutions, Dennis is also an award winning author (non-fiction) and the recipient of numerous professional and academic awards.

Prachi Ray, HBSc.

Prachi completed her HBSc. at the University of Toronto, and has extensive experience contributing to mentorship and education-based initiatives. She is the co-founder and president of Ask An Undergrad, a national non-profit organization that supports youth in their pursuit for post-secondary education.

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